Bentrio® prevent Viruses from entring the Body.

  • Virus protection.
  • Without medicine.
  • Without preservation.

Bentrio® helps strengthen the body’s defense. The gel emulsion of the nasal spray helps to strengthen the natural function of the nose in three ways and to prevent Viruses from entering the Body. Cell culture studies show a reduction in viral load after using Bentrio®.


Bentrio protects the nasal mucosa for more than 3 hours2. With a thin, gel-like film, Bentrio® prevents Allergens from the air from reaching the nasal mucosa and triggering allergic reactions.


Thanks to the main ingredient bentonite, allergens inhaled through the nose are attracted and trapped by electrostatic effects. The trapped Allergens are then removed from the nasal cavity by the natural cleaning of the nasal mucosa.


Environmental influences can cause the nasal mucosa to dry out and thus lose its protective function. The ingredients in Bentrio® help to keep the nasal mucosa humidified to maintain its natural protective function.