Binds Allergens.
Without medicine.
Without preservatives.

For the best Bentrio® Experience – Shake 5 times vigorously and DO NOT inhale while spraying. This allows Bentrio® to reach the frontal part of the nose and protect it where it should. 

Bentrio is designed to help protect against airborne viruses

As for airborne viruses, Bentrio helps reduce the risk of infections, including viruses.

Bentrio is intended to help protect against airborne allergens

As for airborne allergens, Bentrio is developed to prevent and reduce allergic reactions that can be induced by airborne pollen, house dust mites or animal dander.3

“The nose plays a crucial role in the body’s defense against the inhalation of harmful particles. With the development of Bentrio we are aiming to support this natural defense against inhaled allergens.”

Thomas Meyer, PhD, CEO Altamira

What is good to know about Bentrio?

  • It has no pharmacological, immunologic, or metabolic effects.
  • All its ingredients have a well-established safety profile.
  • Clinical testing confirmed that Bentrio is well tolerated.

In addition:

  • Bentrio is a CE marked Class I medical device.
  • Bentrio was developed in Switzerland and is manufactured in Europe.
  • Bentrio does not require a prescription.
  • Bentrio is currently available in selected countries.

Well protected. Feeling good. I’m protected. I’m ready!

The nasal spray Bentrio has been designed to help protect yourself and others in addition to standard preventive measures. With this extra protection, you can feel empowered to

stay in control and at ease any time.

feel safer and more secure.

have your personal protection with you anywhere, anytime.

Clinically proven efficacy1